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Origins of this content
This video is part of my lengthy Mp:me project, first a series of manifestas I initially wrote to commence my Media Praxis blog (explaining my goals and values), which I then then made into seven bad videos. I used the seminal manifestos of Dziga Vertov (writing about early documentary cinema) as my muse and guide.
"Almost a century later Vertov's films still look revolutionary. And a contemporary digital video clip screened alongside them might not look so modern (or post-modern) after all. Created from documentary footage, Vertov's films represented an intricate blend of art and political and poetic rhetoric."[cit]

"The Art manifesto has been a recurrent feature associated with the avant-garde in Modernism. Art manifestos are mostly extreme in their rhetoric and intended for shock value to achieve a revolutionary effect."[cit] See more manifestos.

"Feminist film takes "a threefold form. Women either entered the existing system with ambitions of breaking it, proceeded to make films outside of the commercial system, and women developed a feminist film theory—the overlap and interrelatedness of all three measures being obvious. Their challenge was to the traditional representation of women in cinema, and the aim was the displacement of patriarchal dominance in the cinematic world."[cit]
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