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I was offered this example of a "productive fake documentary on YouTube" by a friend, student, or colleague who responded when I crowdsourced my FakeTube Project via social networks. I later blogged, spoke, and published on it (and other videos) as promised.
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is a mental disorder that is recognized by the CDC and the DSM-IV lists the symptoms falling into two distinct types: inattention or hyperactivity and impulsion. In recent years the rates of ADHD have increased at a greater rate in older teens as compared to younger children. With the CDC conducting its most recent survey in 2007, it has found that approximately 9.5% or 5.4 million children 4-17 years of age have ever been diagnosed with ADHD.[cit]

The most common drug prescribed to treat ADHD is Methyphenidate. Methyphenidate is a Central Nervous System stimulant, or a CNS stimulant found in the prescriptions Ritalin, Ritalin-SR, Concerta, and Metadate. As of 2007, 2.7 million youth ages 4-17 years (66.3% of those with a current diagnosis) were receiving medication treatment for the disorder.[cit]
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I discuss this video, and the many other fake docs that were suggested to me through crowdsourcing for my FakeTube project, in my talk "Irony is Ubiquitous."
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