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Origins of this content
I was offered this example of a "productive fake documentary on YouTube" by a friend, student, or colleague who responded when I crowdsourced my FakeTube Project via social networks. I later blogged, spoke and published on it (and other videos) as promised.
"Perhaps an uncompromising approach to the inherent politics of pleasure coupled with a ceaseless desire for fun is the reason Gretchen Phillips is a 'fringe legend' according to Texas Monthly, January '99. Perhaps. Maybe it's just the good music."[cit]

"THE REAL (Lacan): The state of nature from which we have been forever severed by our entrance into language. Only as neo-natal children were we close to this state of nature, a state in which there is nothing but need ... As far as humans are concerned, however, 'the real is impossible,' as Lacan was fond of saying. It is impossible in so far as we cannot express it in language because the very entrance into language marks our irrevocable separation from the real."[cit]
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I discuss this video, and the many other fake docs that were suggested to me through crowdsourcing for my FakeTube project, in my talk "Irony is Ubiquitous."
"Tribute Album! pt. 1 - The Birth of an Idea," by gretchphill