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Origins of this content
This is an early video that I made for LFYT 2007. In the syllabus, I committed to making one video every two weeks. My goal in this video was to exemplify by opposition (bad video on purpose): reading a talk at a podium does not a good YouTube video make, even if it is an effective method for education that succeeds in other contexts and for specific audiences (humanities scholars read densely written papers as the privileged form of giving talks).
The digital humanities is teaching and scholarly work that occurs "at the intersection of the Humanities, computing and other emerging digital technologies."[cit]. HASTAC's Teaching with Technology and Curiosity blogs: "The rapid proliferation of digital tools and media is encouraging many of us to rethink our course development and classroom strategies. The adoption of these exciting new tools, however, is not simply a matter of grafting digital elements onto the traditional classroom methods. Instead it uncovers and unsettles many of the basic pedagogical assumptions that have long driven our teaching."[cit]

The New Queer Cinema "was coined by B. Ruby Rich in several publications (including the British film journal Sight & Sound, as well as the New York weekly The Village Voice) to describe the appearance of certain films at the Sundance Film Festival in the early 1990s that evinced a politicized stance towards queer culture."[cit]
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