The Virtual Window Interactive
By Anne Friedberg
Design by Erik Loyer

Project Credits

The Virtual Window Interactive is a collaboration between author Anne Friedberg and designer/programmer Erik Loyer, with consultation from Steve Anderson.

The Virtual Window Interactive was made possible through funding for the Visual Studies Research Lab, a trans-disciplinary project at USC organized by Professor Richard Meyer (Art History/USC College), Professor Vanessa Schwartz (History/USC College), and Professor Anne Friedberg (Critical Studies/School of Cinematic Arts).

Initial ideas for this digital translation were formed in a series of meetings with USC colleagues (Professors Anne Balsamo, Perry Hoberman and Steve Anderson) who helped to ‘think tank’ the project.

The Virtual Window Interactive relies on the Dynamic Backend Generator (DBG) developed for Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular by Craig Dietrich, as well as the Vectors server.

Some sound effects were provided by The Freesound Project collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds:

— Anne Friedberg, May 19th, 2008

Anne Friedberg
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Erik Loyer |
Designer Programmer
Erik Loyer's interactive artworks have been exhibited online and in festivals and museums throughout the United States and abroad, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Prix Ars Electronica; and Transmediale. Loyer is the creator of The Lair of the Marrow Monkey, one of the first websites to be added to the permanent collection of a major art museum, and Chroma, an award-winning web serial about the racial politics of virtual reality. As Creative Director for Vectors, he has designed numerous multimedia essays in collaboration with leading humanities scholars. Loyer's commercial portfolio includes Clio and One Show Gold Award-winning work for Vodafone as well as projects for BMW and Sony. He is the recipient of a Rockefeller Film/Video/Multimedia Fellowship, and his works have been honored in the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media and the California Design Biennial. Loyer has a B.A. in Cinema/Television Production from the University of Southern California.