Digital Futures

    By Elizabeth Povinelli
    Design by Peter Cho

    Open Project

    By following the threads and stories, visitors to the project can start to see the connections of personal relationships and responsibility around people Beth knows and cares about deeply

    - Peter Cho, Designer's Statement

    Map interface allows users to access sites in Ruby Yarrowin's life from different time periods
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    Project Credits

    Elizabeth Povinelli
    Elizabeth A. Povinelli is Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies at Columbia University. She is the author of three books, Labor's Lot (Chicago, 1994), The Cunning of Recognition (Duke, 2002), and The Empire of Love (Duke, 2006). Povinelli's writing has focused on developing a critical theory of late liberalism. This critical task is grounded in theories of the translation, transfiguration and the circulation of values, materialities, and socialities within settler liberalisms.

    Peter Cho |
    Peter Cho is a Los Angeles-based media artist and designer. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the UCLA Design | Media Arts department, where his work dealt with issues of language, writing, and meaning and a Master of Science degree from the MIT Media Lab, where his design research explored custom models for typography in time-based and reactive media. He has received honors for his work from Ars Electronica, Tokyo Type Directors Club, New York Art Directors Club, ID Magazine, and Print Magazine. His work has been shown at the Telic Gallery, Ginza Graphic Gallery, Ars Electronica, Art Sonje, Seoul Arts Center, the Art Directors Club, and Cooper Union. His interests include issues of electronic textuality, narrative, and mapping.

    I would like to thank The National Archives of Australia, the Northern Territory Libraries Services, the Pattemore Family and Linda Davis for permissions to use images from their archives. I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues in Australia are actively working on this project, including Linda Yarrowin, Rex Sing, Cecilia Lewis, Rex Edmunds, Lenny Burrburr, Alice Wainbirri, and Ester Djarem, those in their families who have passed away, but are featured in this project, and the Northern Territory Libraries and Knowledge Centres program.

    — Elizabeth Povinelli, May 19th, 2008