Critical Sections

    By Greg J. Smith
    Design by Erik Loyer

    Open Project

    The resulting index is a dense constellation of fragments that merges text with image and fiction with concrete reality to construct a new narrative space, an archive for thoughts, observations and commentary on domesticity in Los Angeles.

    - Greg J. Smith, Author's Statement

    Users can create their own compositions mixing architectural and cinematic elements.
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    Ephemera are detritus or garbage that people produce without intending it to survive the moment. Categorically speaking and according to the Ephemera Society of America, "Ephemera include paper materials such as advertisements, airsickness bags, baseball cards, currency, board and card games, greeting cards, invitations, labels, menus, paper dolls, postcards, posters, puzzles and puzzle cards, stock certificates, tickets, timetables, trade cards, valentines, watch papers, and wrappers." Nonetheless and perhaps more than any other form of evidence, ephemera encode social objectives in their fragile bodies ”" both ideologies and the shadow of a human touch. That is probably why according to John Grossman of the Collection of Antique Images, studying ephemera provides a way of grasping the everyday expectations and hopes of ordinary people momentarily embedded in the material world.

    — Jing Chen, Rice University/ Shanghai Jiao Tong University, August 20th, 2012