the disorders













visual form agnosia


"a neurological virus"

"a unifying vision"

"an active process"

The variety of malperceptions now afflicting homo sapiens is large and growing. The particular examples discussed and demonstrated here are, of course, alarming. But the bigger picture is more alarming still. It is the picture of the camel's nose poking in the tent, with the bulk of the camel soon too follow. Or, more to the point, it is the picture of the extraterrestrial's antennae peeking over the lip of its ion-drive anti-gravity saucer, with the hideous hordes of ravenous alien monsters soon to emerge. For the pattern is clear. Malperceptions must be neurological viruses inflicted on homo sapiens by sinister alien races. They cannot be the normal result of undisturbed evolutionary forces restricted to planet earth. What evolutionary forces could possibly produce this debilitating variety of neurological disorders and malperceptions, and to what purpose? How in the world could such disorders improve the fitness of homo sapiens? They can't. And they are not the result of the ineluctable shifts in ecological niches that keep all species on their toes. This demonstrates their extraterrestrial origin. The normal evolution of homo sapiens is being interfered with by hostile extraterrestrials.

What are they up to? It's obvious. They want us for food and for parts. And they don't want a fight. They want us to submit with bovine simplicity to their carnage. And to this end they are slowly infecting us with neurological viruses that trigger a growing cascade of malperceptions, increasing to the point where we no longer trust our senses and lose contact with reality. If we can't see, we can't fight. If our blindness comes on gradually, we won't notice and won't wake up in time to organize and fight. If water is heated slowly, a frog won't leap before it's boiled.

But really, it is worse than this. They are among us, and they know our way of life intimately. They can appear and disappear at will without our knowledge. We are to them as ants are to us: An inferior species to be played with, experimented with, and stepped on. They are toying with us, with our perceptual systems. It is simply amusement. It is speciesism, the species version of racism. They toy with us because they can, because they enjoy the feeling of superiority, they enjoy watching the butterfly twisting with one wing pulled, or the ant fleeing from the sun's heat focused by a magnifying glass. They eat us as they will. They enjoy especially feeding on the young and tender. You see the pictures of their innumerable victims on milk cartons and bulk mailers with the caption "Have you seen me?"

Mark my words. They will soon tire of playing with us. Rather than stamping an ant here, squashing a bee there, they will finally decide to eradicate the whole nest, burn the whole hive. Malperceptions will suddenly proliferate in variety and intensity, as the viruses the aliens release are engineered to be more malicious and destructive. The majority of the brain's cortex is devoted to perception, visual or otherwise, and the majority of cortex will be denuded of dendrites and axons as the malperception viruses wreak their devastation. The policy is slash and burn. The result is, first, malperception, then eradication. You have been warned. The water is soon to boil.

Calvin Rosco was a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force when he saw first hand the remains of aliens and their spacecraft after it crashed in the desert north of Las Vegas in 1947, possibly due to abnormally high sunspot activity. He was responsible for assisting in the coordination of efforts to reverse engineer the technology discovered on the alien spacecraft, and channeling this technology, sub rosa, to cooperating high technology firms.