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Cast-offs from the Golden Age
Melanie Swalwell, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"If all this look fine, have you done the tutorial? It is quick and painless and explains the navigation, interface and logic of the piece."
- Melanie Swalwell, Victoria University of Wellington, 5.28.2006
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Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Excerpt from peer response:
"Combined, the book and website offer unparalleled breadth and depth of research on crowds that will likely remain the gold standard on this topic for some time to come."
- N Katherine Hayles, UCLA, Los Angeles, 4.20.2006
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Digital Dynamics Across Cultures
Kim Christen & Chris Cooney, Alessandro Ceglia
Excerpt from peer response:
"Yet when we contemplate secrecy among Aboriginal Australians, our inclination is to treat it with sympathy and a degree of awe."
- Michael F. Brown, Williams College, 4.20.2006
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Hurricane Digital Memory Bank
Center for History and New Media
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"Some of these shortcomings were unavoidable since we launched the site 2 months after Katrina struck with limited funds."
- Sheila Brennan, George Mason University, 5.17.2006
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Objects of Media Studies
Amelie Hastie, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"” We thought the project was engaging and seemingly random at times, mirroring a real-life conversation."
- Jess and Elissa, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Panorama Ephemera
Rick Prelinger, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"The second aspect of his project, where the most substance lies, is in the delineation of the four aspects of archiving ephemeral films."
- B N, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Slavery's Ephemera
Judith Jackson Fossett, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"Rather than the project coming across as a simple collection of images and texts, a narrative story is built."
- Vanessa Vobis, Santa Rosa, CA, 5.23.2006
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The Agrippa Files
Agrippa Files Editorial Team
Excerpt from peer response:
"I see it mostly as a model tool for academic research and peer-to-peer discussion, which may be OK as a goal."
- Huhtamo Erkki, UCLA, 4.20.2006
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