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>honestly, i don't understand how this works. I tried to get into this interface with the arrow >buttons and so on but I am lost to what this whole thing is supposed to be and how to be >in it to learn anything.
>sorry but i give up.

If you are having trouble (like the person above) here are a few things to check and try:
1. Is your machine running Windows XP, or OSX if you are on a Mac?
2. Are you running an up to date version of your browser (either Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari)?
3. Have you installed Flash 8? (available free from
4. Are your browser's security settings the problem? If so, try adding the site to your "trusted sites" list (under "Internet Options", then "Security" in IE - don't forget to add also)
5. If all this look fine, have you done the tutorial? It is quick and painless and explains the navigation, interface and logic of the piece.
- Melanie Swalwell, Victoria University of Wellington, 05.28.2006