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Crowds Across Media
One of the most interesting feature of the project’s form, to my mind, is its distributed existence as print artifact and electronic website. Spanning both media, the project optimizes the advantages of each and implicitly makes the case for recognizing the specificity of media. The print book, with its superior visual resolution, hacker-proof sturdiness and easy portability, permits readers to continue long after eyestrain and Repetitive Stress Syndrome would have taken a toll on even the most dedicated website visitor. The website, with its capacious storage space, multimedia capabilities, and sophisticated search functions, offers an ease of access and a diversity of material that enable research to be undertaken that often could not could be done at all from print materials alone. Combined, the book and website offer unparalleled breadth and depth of research on crowds that will likely remain the gold standard on this topic for some time to come.

(Adapted from the Crowds book available from Stanford University Press)
- N Katherine Hayles, UCLA, Los Angeles, 04.20.2006