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"Scholarly Site"
The Agrippa Files defines itself as a "Scholarly Site", and it feels like one. It is cool and detached in tone, although clearly ambitious and functional as such. Perhaps it would be interesting to ask for whom projects like these are addressed? Will it only speak to the narrow circle of literary scholars and university students of literature, or does it have a chance of broadening the circle of potential readers and contributors for projects like this? It seems to me its audience may have been limited in advance. I see it mostly as a model tool for academic research and peer-to-peer discussion, which may be OK as a goal. Still, I am wondering if there had been more exciting and experimental strategies available to draw more people to the original Agrippa? I doubt this will do it. But is it even a viable goal? Agrippa hardly courted the 'general reading public', so we might ask whether a website dedicated to it should try that. Perhaps one should leave this as a treat for the initiated. There is space for that in the Web as well; and if this remains on-line long enough maybe its impact will begin to be felt more widely...
- Huhtamo Erkki, UCLA, 04.20.2006