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We are pleased to announce an upgrade to the ThoughtMesh system: a new ThoughtMesh document editor! The publication system has been used in a number of fascinating ways. We hope this upgrade further stimulates open online publication and tag-based navigation.

ThoughtMesh includes two main components. First, the aforementioned editor provides a platform to load content. The editor supports image uploading and a "WYSIWYG" editor for formatted text (bold, italic, underline, etc). When editing, you may switch instantly from WYSIWYG view to HTML view in order to write custom HTML, add image tags to external images, and many other possibilities.

Additionally, the new editor includes:
* An interface that more closely resembles document editors we are familiar with (including MS-Word)
* Full image upload (upload an image, and include in your ThoughtMesh!)
* New sections may be inserted before existing sections, created as a child of existing sections, or created as a parent of existing sections
* Previewing a 'Mesh before publication is now embedded in the Publishing system

The second component of ThoughtMesh is the published 'Meshed document. The publications continue to provide smooth access to content sections and create a semantic web via the "lexias out" tag-based navigation.

We hope the new changes promote continued creative practice online. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
- Craig Dietrich, Sunnyvale, CA, 12.23.2007