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As a collaborator on the ThoughtMesh project, I have enthusiastically enjoyed seeing the early and various uses of the publication system. The system serves as a quick way to publish articles online, and the resulting publication is connected to many others, semantically, using the keyword tag clouds. Early publications range from scholarly papers [81.php] to essays on technology [107.php] to poems [108.php]. I find these uses exciting as we all push towards the "Web 3.0" and "New Scholarship".

At Intermedia (The University of Iowa)--a conceptual art program with roots in Dada and Fluxus--participants engage in a wide variety of creative practice. The modes of expression--including, but not limited to, installation, performance, videos, presentations--are as varying as the possibilities of creative work in the World and Cyberspace. ThoughtMesh is an implementation of semantic publication, where relationships between online content and ideas are linked in dynamic ways. With the possibilities of ThoughtMesh wide-ranging, I am pleased to present the proceedings of "The Fall 2007 Intermedia Open House Symposium Series" in this environment.

The Symposium Series is a collection of sessions that occurred on the night of Intermedia's Open House (October 26th, 2007). With seven presenters from diverse backgrounds, the presentations were strong in discourse while rooted Intermedia's Fluxus and Dada roots.

Please join us in launching the 'Meshed proceedings. Your thoughts and insight greatly appreciated:
- Craig Dietrich, Sunnyvale, CA, 11.09.2007