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I will be puttnig this dazzling insight to good use in no time.
RSI B4 it was recognised!
The sheer contortions some of us would go into when playing the sit down at built-into the table classics like Pong, and the stand-up arcade-style versions of the 'same' game (i.e. Galaxian)! The energy expended in rying to make that ship swerve out of the way of a rocket from the attackers ... it's amazing that the handles/levers had been engineered to the extent that would survive such strenuous teenage testosterone-fuelled engagement.

And then there was the wrist pain. Well before the popularity of the term RSI - we'd already suffered it. Like your earlier article from the Journalist in Thailand - they were an addiction - in as much as we stole spare change from our father's clothes to be able to play the games, and, it had a (phyiscally) detrimental effect - sore wrists.

So, Pleasure, and Pain.
Q-Basic games
Way back in primary school we used to use lunch times to play on the class computer on q-basic. That was great, especially that gorilla game throwing bananas at each other.
Once a friend of mine downloaded some data and took it to school on a floppy disk, didn't tell us about it, then loaded up a car-racing game on q-basic and told us that he designed it himself. We bought it, we thought he was so clever.