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Why do I bother cail
Why do I bother cailnlg up people when I can just read this!
Whoa $400!
The Atari 2600 cost $400! I pick the controllers up for $5, and use them for my band's performances, to control visuals. Had no idea they were this expensive.
New Avenues
Moving through this research landscape I can't help thinking about how great it would be if similar repositories of knowledge existed for other parts of the world, and you'd be able to move across different locales.

I think this environment already conveys a sense of unboundedness - it's clearly not possible to look at the history of the New Zealand games industry without taking the context of the emerging global games industry into account.

This is probably the great strength of this research - it shows very clearly how the local is interwoven with the global. I also like the way it demonstrates how researchers in new media have to be "methodologically agile" (I borrow this phrase from TL Taylor), thus constaantly opening up new avenues of inquiry.