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RSI B4 it was recognised!
Avenue of inquiry: "the pleasures of early games"
The sheer contortions some of us would go into when playing the sit down at built-into the table classics like Pong, and the stand-up arcade-style versions of the 'same' game (i.e. Galaxian)! The energy expended in rying to make that ship swerve out of the way of a rocket from the attackers ... it's amazing that the handles/levers had been engineered to the extent that would survive such strenuous teenage testosterone-fuelled engagement.

And then there was the wrist pain. Well before the popularity of the term RSI - we'd already suffered it. Like your earlier article from the Journalist in Thailand - they were an addiction - in as much as we stole spare change from our father's clothes to be able to play the games, and, it had a (phyiscally) detrimental effect - sore wrists.

So, Pleasure, and Pain.
Early2007 & 90%
Avenue of inquiry: "Cast-offs"
Hmmmm, initially frustrating, but ... as with other virtual/pragmatic situations, I persisted ... and got the hang of it. Vectoring in on one of those (thankfully) shape-changing avatars, reminded me of the cheap (free) games to download that had a z-axis (height) to be negotiated with! That this 'historical' game-play was invoked by this research 'method'/research 'publication' is. I think one of the greatest achievements of the collaboration between the three of you!

Jason, Melanie and Erik, all of you deserve a round of congratulatory beverage! Thanks for making a cultural studies/media studies project really 'work' in a way that has been needed for years. Inspirational and encouraging for a new generation of 'researchers' and possibly, just maybe, it could become a catalyst for some older researchers to publish in a new way too.

My only criticism, albeit lame, is to include a reminder to new entrants, to Save! I got nearly 95% through the entire thing and (tired after an hour 45 mins of intense screen watching) accidentally clicked the close button on the whole window. Zap! Back to square one.

Kind of Poetic Justice for my swearing at the creators in the first five minutes when I clambered around not 'getting anywhere'!!!!


A fellow Cast0FF
mirror or disfiguration
Avenue of inquiry: "the games available in New Zealand"
Does this game mirror games of this time in NZ or are they actually different? If they are different then why not mirror those games in this project? Legal Issues or other concerns?
can i play them?
Avenue of inquiry: "the games available in New Zealand"
Bring me closer to these games, by letting me play them.
A long strange trip
Avenue of inquiry: "Michael the collector"
This is quite a ride. In the beginning it was a bit confusing, but its all about getting used to the world. There is a massive amount of information in this project. I sprinted through, but I want to go back and look at more about this project. It would be interesting if this project incorporated more video and actually allowed game play of these games.