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Why do I bother cail
Avenue of inquiry: "Ephemera Collection"
Why do I bother cailnlg up people when I can just read this!
Avenue of inquiry: "the National Library of New Zealand"
OMGAlexadre. What.The.Freakin'.Hell.I kno that you apologized. I kno that if I reply to any of ur hrmaful comments, it would just be, as they say 'Feeding the Trolls.'But damn, you really are a bloody idiot, aren't ya?'Pathetic stories...the creativity of four year olds...'Do u have any idea about the talent among us? Seriously, let's see your writing. Even if it is good, you never, EVER insult another writers work. Hey, I'd understand if you were an unintelligent, illiterate sports jock, but if you're a writer...I mean, do you ever see Derek say things like that? Do you? Nope.Never.Other than your apology to my great friend Kallista, I have yet to find something actually worthwhile reading. I mean, I'm Australian too, and I hear a lot of news about Christ Church, but I do NOT go around penalizing others for commenting about normal stuff. Hell, if u don't want to hear us trying to keep the mood around hear positive, then get the fuck out. Go away. Vamoose. Adios, Cojer. I have known u in the past to be awesome. Funny. A good friend to many.But don't you ever go insulting every good writer on this blog and then claim innocence. Alright...that may have been an overaction...and yes, I know you apologized...but I was getting complaints and when I head over here, it's like up is down and down is up. Trolls...I hate them...
this is just sad i k
Avenue of inquiry: "Holmes the collector"
this is just sad i know my post on okay blog thing that Derek posted was prtety heavy with the big possibility that my friends are trapped and my best friend dieing in the quake in a horrible death and i know i probably posted it on the wrong one since i sorta am involved especially now since my friend died and friends who could be trapped so sorry about that, its there if anyone wants to read my sorrow... i hope my friends aren't added to the death list its already at 92 and climbing last night i think Japanese exchange students were rescued and a 52 year old man had to get his legs amputated while getting rescued.everyone is tired which is really good well the fact that they aren't going off and doing something else john key and bob parker are being really good doing more then their best helping christchurch. it was quite cool when john told the government what had just happened in chirstchurch it showed just how fast news travels and how much they all care. two babys have also been added to the death list that must really suck for the parents losing their kids. there is a lot of liquefaction on the roads a car was lodged maybe 9 cm into the liquefaction there are large areas where liquefaction is really the only thing you can see of the ground. its really weird only being 4 hours away and watching places that i knew and loved destroyed.its awesome to see neighbors helping each other and that the cites power is coming back on still to bad about the water issue but at least they've started to use the cites water supplies that are under the ground. i love hearing countrys offering their help i dont like that there was an earthquake for them to help in but its really nice of them and generous to send over their troops and dogs.
Your answer was just
Avenue of inquiry: "games available locally and internationally"
Your answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
Avenue of inquiry: "games available locally and internationally"
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